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All our fabric accessories are made with 100% cottons, and digitally printed with reactive dyes for deep and long-lasting colors. On this page find our selection of shopping & tote bags, pouches, purses, cases and cushion covers, all with our signature artworks.

Cotton shopping bags with various designs

Very strong!


Shopping Bags

$ 30.00

Fabrics: Oxford, Denim, Raw Poplin
45 x 35 (cm)

400 (g)


Chic Totes

Cotton tote bag with various designs

SuperSOSO!'s version of urban chic!

$ 20.00

Fabrics: Oxford, Raw Oxford

35 x 40 (cm)

160 (g)


$ 20.00

Cotton tote bags with various designs

Fabrics: Oxford, Raw Poplin
35 x 40 (cm)

120 (g)


Sets of 2 cotton pouches with various designs

Pouches Set

$ 20.00

Fabric: Oxford
L: 37 x 33 (cm) & S: 33 x 23 (cm)

130 (g/pair)

Pencil Cases

Cotton pencil cases with various designs

Fabrics: Oxford, Denim
21 x 11.5 (cm)

35 (g)


$ 11.00


Cotton cushion covers with various designs

Cushion Covers

$ 25.00

Fabrics: Oxford, Denim
50 x 50 (cm)

160 (g)

superSoso! says: 'stay cute!'

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