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Our artworks are created by Ms Solenne (Soso) Auvret. Her warm & funky design are highly relatable, from the 'Art de Chic' patterns to the lovely characters of 'The Cast', they will bring some smiles to your life. Browse around to find your favorite!

art de Chic

The Cast

Super hipster from the Year of the Rooster, romantic and gentle. And don't you love those groovy boots?

Everybody is welcome to come share a meal with Albert.

He is the king of the party! He loves to eat drink and have fun with you. Just make sure you are not dinner!

Charlie, the cheeky monkey in the circus, he never wants to stop playing. Take his hand and go on an adventure?!


Meet Uncle Joe, always there to help. Is something broken, he will fix it. Need to move some stuff, he will take care.

Everybody should have an Uncle Joe!


Pick me up, she says! I want to be loved, I want to be cuddled! And can I have some milk?


Namaste! Welcome to my palace! Come in and enjoy my world of colors! Would you like some tea and cookies?


Our super French macho man. 

He loves to wine and dine, dance and romance.

He will sweep you off your feet!


The sweet and warm lover who stole the heart of Mr Fish.

He thinks he is in control, but we know better...


She is super pink and super silly and she loves flowers and presents. Do you know how to surprise her?


Is it a bird? Is it a man? It is Stinky! 

And here is the question: ‘Did he really come from another world?’


Say hello to 'Anna' and 'Bella'. They have been living in the house on the corner since forever. They know a lot of secrets, do they know yours?


Hi Vivienne... Bye Vivienne, and she is gone, to her next yoga or fitness class, or maybe aerobics or Zumba!


Laughing and loving, funny and fantastic.

Where ever you go, whatever you do, he is always your best friend.


This sweet, dreamy girl, walking around smiling at the clouds because she knows they will not rain on her. Come under her umbrella, there is place for you too.


Funky, punky Zebra, sophisticated and fashionable. 

Join her jet-setting all over the world! Where the party is, you will find Michelle!

superSoso! says: 'stay cute!'

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